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Thank you for your interest in a Grace and Faith Growth Campaign.  You probably noticed we use the word “Growth” instead of the usual “Capital” when describing the campaign.  To be honest, we aren't fond of the word “Campaign” either, but we use it here because it is more recognized by church leaders who are looking to expand church facilities.  We prefer the word “Journey” over campaign and here’s why: Typically, “capital campaigns” are designed to help congregations raise money for a project or a building, but often neglect a person’s spiritual formation and the exercising of Christian disciplines in the areas of prayer, faith and generosity. 

We believe the biblical essential in the process of building a project or raising funds for a project is more of a “Discipleship” journey to discover and know the mind of Christ regarding the vision of the church and the project, than just to raise an amount of money.  The raising of funds is simply the by-product of a congregation embracing the vision of the church and being obedient to the Lord when he asks us to get involved.  Simply put, a Grace and Faith Journey is a SPIRITUAL work, not JUST a financial one.


The objective in a Grace and Faith Journey is to identify the immediate needs of the church, then communicate to the church what it could accomplish by meeting those needs and then finally inspire people to seek the Lord in how they can meet that need.

Want to know more about how this journey works?

What we do

There are a large number of companies that can help churches with capital campaigns, but their programs are designed for large churches with large budgets and unfortunately smaller churches get overlooked.  Our mission is to assist smaller churches with stewardship practices which promote growth, sustainability, discipleship and generosity. We accomplish this through our select programs.


  • Grace and Faith Growth Campaign

    • Raising Capital Funds

  • Grow in Grace and Faith Seminars

    • Supplementing Faith

    • Growing in Grace

    • Excel in Giving

  • Vision Assessments


Where to Begin

Planning to construct a new  building or renovating an old one, or just focusing on a fundraising  project requires a dedicated team with good coaching. 


The first step is a consulatation with the church elders or board members to discuss the three phases of the Journey, how it works and who is involved.   Typically this consultation is a face to face meeting with the church leadership.  Click "read more" to see an overview or call our OKC office to speak with a consultant.

Key Components

Some of the unique features you will find in a Grace and Faith Journey are its focus on corporate discipleship, prayer, and fasting all designed to encourage your church to “supplement their faith, and excel in grace.”


Some Key Elements in our Journey:

  • Congregation Assessment

  • Selection of a Vision Team

  • Discipleship Journal

  • 24 Hour Prayer Vigil

  • Corporate Fast Program

  • Celebration Service

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