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It is easy for a church and pastoral leadership to get tunnell vision and focus on the wrong things at the wrong times; this is especially true when the church seems to be growing.  That's because growth requires some changes and those changes can often overcome the foundational truth that relationships and ministry connections are essential.


A Grace&Faith Campaign focuses on and emphasizes two foundational truths; (1.) Grow in grace towards others and (2.) grow in our faith toward the Lord Jesus.  As a church embraces these two truths, they will become more obedient to Christ and more evangelistic toward others.

Our campaigns implement 8 weeks of discipleship including an 8 week sermon series, a 4 week small group study and an 8 week personal discipleship journey.  Topics include:


  • Vision "Why we are here & where the Lord wants us"

  • Relationships  “Loving people”

  • Generosity “The blessings of covenant relationship”

  • Talents "The peculiar and unique People of God"

  • Worship  "Always - Time, talent, treasure"

  • Prayer "Prayer changes things”  (24 hour Prayer Vigil)

  • Commitment “Making our Faith work”

  • Victory Sunday “Look what the Lord has done”

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