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6 Key elements in this journey


1. Congregation Assessment and Vision Identity.

This is a seven page survey to identify the strengths, challenges and opportunities for the congregation and gives a good indication how the church will respond to a campaign.  A Grace & Faith Coach will visit with the core leadership of the church to discuss and strategize about the campaign and the goals of the church.


2. Selection and Training of a Vision Team

A Grace & Faith Coach will visit and begin training with the  vision team.


3. The Discipleship Journal

The My Journey Discipleship Journal is a series of scripture studies and reflections about trusting the Lord and deepening our faith


4. The Invitation to Ask the Lord

Through the eight week sermon series, the pastor will systematically encourage people to “Ask the Lord” what he is requiring of you to support the vision of the church and encourage the people to be obedient to the Lord.


5. Corporate 24 Hour Prayer Vigil & Fast Program

Each member of the congregation will be contacted during the journey to submit prayer requests and to remind them about the prayer vigil. At week 6 the church will engage in a 24‐hour on‐site prayer vigil to pray for all the prayer requests of the congregation and the specific needs of the church and the community.  Also during the eight week journey each member is encouraged to fast at least one meal per week and seek the Lord for direction.


6. Celebration Banquet

The Celebration Banquet, a church wide dinner and motivational time in which the participants make their public pledges to the Journey (campaign).

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