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When it comes to capital campaigns, we have often found that smaller churches are overlooked because they cannot afford the upfront costs of a capital campaign; and it leaves one wondering why it costs so much.  We believe there is a solution to this.  Most of what you find with Grace&Faith will be free to use (including correspondence via email and phone), once you register on the website.  There are other Items that can be purchased.  If your congregation desires to have an onsite consultant visit, we simply ask that your congregation cover travel expenses.

Growth Campaigns

Campaigns to raise funds are done in three Phases:

1.) Quiet Phase (Pre-Planning)

2.) Unity Phase (Public)

3.) Community Phase (Public)


A campaign typically last 10 to 16 weeks in length but varies in the pre-planning phase depending on the scope of your project and team.

Stewardship Seminars

The qualities that both Paul and Peter were encouraging in churches were qualities of a Model church, the gold standard of churches that grew in GRACE toward others and grew in FAITH to the Lord Jesus.


Our Seminar is comprised of 3 one hour sesions on how to supplement our faith, grow in grace toward others and excel in the grace of giving.


Vision Assessment


The proverbial saying, "where there is no vision, the people perish" is an absolute truth. 


Our vision assessment is a congregational survey on the operations and spiritual formation of the church to get a good understanding of the spiritual climate of the church.  It is a useful tool for the pastor and church leaders to determine whether the vision and mission of the body is clear and viable.

Talk with Us: ​405-816-0272
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