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Not Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

How many times have we heard the saying, "That everything rises and falls on leadership?" I used to think that was true. For that to be true, everyone a part of that communtiy being led then has zero responsibility for community actions and outcomes. While I certainly understand the sentiment behind the saying and the importance of good leadership, we simply cannot have anyone bearing the load alone.

Recently I spoke with a Minister who is now retired that beat themselves up for years because they believed they were the key to the church growing. Unfortunately, when the church was not growing, the pastor of course felt it was because of their lack of leadership, which brough about the pastors questioning of his ability and subseqently his calling. By this same rationale, when the church was doing well, the pastos sense of ego was elevated and thought it was ALL because of their leadership. In either case, dangerous for the emotional and spirtual well being of the pastor and the congregation because this thinking either eliminates or elevates responsiblity on one or the other and not both.

Think for a moment on Moses, Aaron, Joshua and Caleb. Would you consider them good and Godly leaders? If we consder them good leaders, why then did the Israelites end up wandering in the wilderness for forty years, was it because of the lack of leadership or peoples failure to trust the Lord?

Read Number 13 and 14, and you can clearly see that their is a distinct role of leadership in identifying opportunity, establishing vision and communicating objectives. But what you will also see is those under leadership have responsibility as well. A responsibility to trust the Lord and a responsibility to join those who are in leadership to acomplish the task.

My take is this, we all bear responsibility and rise comes when we bear it together.

So, if your the pastor that is thinking, "it's all my fault," it isn't; you're not the only one responsible. Be encouraged, communicate what the Lord has given you and be faithful to his instruction.

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